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As your full-service delivery and logistics partners, Rebekah and Roger work with you to make a wide range of smart decisions for your business. You will save money, cut time and grow your business.

Freight Audit

Through a JSMD Logistics freight audit, we will analyze your shipping data and discover where you can expedite services and save money.

We consider LTL and small package consolidation, shipment weight and many other factors so that we can identify one of our 80+ partner carriers with the best solution. Once we have this step completed we present our cost-savings plan to you and with your approval, we will implement it.

Our proprietary auditing program is complimentary for all new JSMD clients. Simply contact us today – we are challenged to serve you every day.

JSMD difference

LTL & Full Truckload

Your shipping needs vary from day to day and sometimes from delivery to delivery.

We understand how businesses operate and that is why we offer more than one form of trucking delivery.

JSMD offers unique per pallet or freight class pricing from over 80 shipping carriers throughout North America.

truck load jsmd

Courier Service

Our courier partners offer services whether you need your delivery there by the next morning or next evening.

We match your delivery needs with courier services that meet your budget and timelines.

We help keep your business moving in the real world and on your books. Please reach out to us and let us show you the courier service that benefits your business the most.

courier service


Beyond our standard onboarding process where we delight our clients with delivery/logistics discoveries, we offer programs that can help to ensure your internal shipping processes are at the speed of commerce today.

Logistics consultations vary depending on the size, scope and detail you require.

consulting and training

e-Commerce Solutions

Our business delivers logistics solutions, whether we are moving a transport truck or online orders.

JSMD Logistics works with your favourite e-commerce platforms that can easily plug into your current website, transforming a static informational portal into a hands-off money-making engine.

eCommerce jsmd


Warehouses are never easy or cheap. We have partners with world-class dropshipping solutions that give you the convenience of a warehouse with flexibility, affordability and attention to detail that you will come to expect with your JSMD Logistics partnership.


Scale up your supply chain management with third-party warehousing, complete with every warehousing service you require: storage, order fulfillment, container de-stuffing, packaging and labelling.

Specialized Equipment

Whether you are a small retailer in need of a storage container to temporarily handle overflow, or a growing manufacturer looking for a suite of warehousing and order-fulfilment equipment efficiencies, we have the connections to get exactly what you need.
special equipment jsmd

Let us know how we can help save you time and money.

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